Northwest Indiana Triathletes

2023-2024 Winter Challenge

2023 -2024 Winter Challenge

The off-season is upon us! Join us for the 2023-2024 Winter Challenge. 

Our winter challenge is a BELOVED tradition in the NWI Tri Club that takes place through our Garmin Connect group and our Strava club to keep you motivated throughout the cold, dark winter months and the holidays with a series of challenges, presented every two weeks. Lots of MONEY and SWAG on the table this season for the taking!

We’re continuing to mix it up a bit this year with TWO Strava challenges in addition to our regular Garmin Connect challenges!!

For each challenge the top performer will win GLORY and one $25 gift card to a local sponsor or athletic store. We will also randomly select a second participant to receive a special $10 gift card from the club. TWICE we will have TWO winners (based on the week). You must be a current member to qualify for an award. 

The NWTRI Garmin Group is a closed group and only visible to members. 

If you are new to the club and haven’t participated in the challenges before, please review our handy-dandy winter challenge guide HERE for FAQ and tips on how to log your workouts through Garmin Connect and make sure they’re visible for the Winter challenge in the NWITRI group.

**ALSO, take a moment to join our club NWI Triathletes on Strava where we will track TWO additional challenges this year.

23-24 Winter Challenge Schedule

Weeks highlighted in YELLOW have 1 Garmin 1 Strava challenge


*Garmin Connect and Strava accounts are completely free. Visit Garmin Connect to set up an account. Once an account is set up, search for NWI Triathletes in the Group Section and request to join. For tips on how to use Garmin Connect, click here.